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Extensive aftercare sales and insurance packages to service your needs for the long run


Find affordable car insurance policy that covers all grounds


Wealth of experience in risk assessment and providing customisations.


Authorised team of capable repair and maintenance personnel.

Came looking to purchase a vehicle for my company but they even advised me for my financing and helped me get the most suitable insurance coverage

Gideon Lam, Shalam Ceo

Our full insurance care package with Bell Group

From comprehensive insurance coverage to Third Party Only coverage, Bell Group provides a cost effective insurance premiums to protect you and your vehicle.

Speak to our friendly advisers to find out more about how they can help you complement the best insurance policy with your vehicle

Extensive Yet Customisable

Our Vehicle insurance covers almost everything, including your own vehicle's repairs and replacement costs. What's best, we do allow customisable insurance options for owner's with specific needs.

In house Maintenance

Bell Group has our very own in house maintenance team, which our insurance policy covers. Pay lesser premiums when purchasing one of our very own insurance plans.

Your all-in-one vehicle platform

Save on the hassle and find the perfect vehicle solution

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